DM Politihundeforening - Patruljeklassen


DM Politihundeforening
Category of event:
DKK Dansk Mesterskab Politihundeforening
Results list name:
24. Sep 2021 - 26. Sep 2021
Event location:
Please send us any missing points tables so that we can improve and add to working-dog‘s results service even more. Please make sure that you clearly state where and when the championship took place. If possible, include the names of the judges and helpers. Please remember that we only publish results from championships at national level at the lowest – regional championships are excluded.

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Rank Dog Handler Points Result  
Hesselballe IngridGerman Shepherd (short-haired)
Anja ThomsenDenmarkDenmark  
Laguso HaresGerman Shepherd (short-haired)
Martin Lind  
Hulgaard's TurboGerman Shepherd (short-haired)
Johnni LarsenDenmarkDenmark  
Royal Danish Greatest love of allDoberman (black with rustred blace)
Mathias FarnumDenmarkDenmark  
Møllers VanjaGerman Shepherd (short-haired)
Pauline Gøgsig Johansen  
Tigerdyrets AlvinGerman Shepherd (short-haired)
Eline BeckDenmarkDenmark  
JazzMusic DK 04775/2016German Shepherd (short-haired)
Villy SkaarupDenmarkDenmark  
Møllers VinderGerman Shepherd (short-haired)
Marianne Elgaard Bredevang  
Dederthing HarryGerman Shepherd (short-haired)
Ulf Larsen  
Bayogi GismoGerman Shepherd (short-haired)
Carsten Munk  
Alfa vom Schloss LiebensteinGerman Shepherd (short-haired)
annsophie carlsenDenmarkDenmark  
Egons YariGerman Shepherd (short-haired)
Lars Overgaard  
Dana von der Burg BilsteinGerman Shepherd (short-haired)
Eva PedersenDenmarkDenmark  
Lærkbos JassoGerman Shepherd (short-haired)
Jan PriessDenmarkDenmark  
Fenja vom Roten PhönixBelgian Shepherd (Malinois)
Gitte Skov Larsen  
Gen-Chi's ItsiGerman Shepherd (short-haired)
Mona Birgit Pedersen  
Midskovgaards CamitaRottweiler
Frank Hansen  
Ibanez White Shepard DizzyWhite Swiss Shepherd Dog
Michael Balslev  
Smedebakkens WaskoGerman Shepherd
Mikael Boamah  
Crympe Frække FrederikGerman Shepherd (short-haired)
Jens Henrik Haagensen  
Dobergaarden Forever EmikoDoberman (black with rustred blace)
Diana BentsenDenmarkDenmark  
Nørrehedens IcaGerman Shepherd (short-haired)
Mathias Jensen  
Abardi YankeeGerman Shepherd (short-haired)
Christoffer AndersenDenmarkDenmark  


German Shepherd:
Belgian Shepherd:
White Swiss Shepherd Dog:
Participating dogs:
23 11 12
Oldest dog:
Nørrehedens Ica (8 Years 4 Months)
Youngest dog:
Smedebakkens Wasko (2 Years 1 Month)