Yorkshire Terrier

A little dog with a big personality, the Yorkshire Terrier or Yorkie makes an excellent companion. Yorkshire Terriers are classified as a Toy breed, and their small stature means that they do not need a great deal of outdoor exercise. This makes them ideal pets for apartment dwellers. Yorkies are faithful, brave, curious and affectionate, but they also have a feisty side to their characters - they are terriers after all! Yorkshire terriers are not ideally suited as pets for homes with small children.


Yorkshire terriers were first bred for catching rats by weavers in the mill towns of Yorkshire and Lancashire during the mid 19th century. Though small, they were larger than today's standard Yorkie. A famous terrier called Huddersfield Ben appeared at shows all over the UK during the 1890s, and set the standards for the breed. Many present Yorkshire Terrier champions have a strain of his blood in their ancestry, hence his title of "Father of the Breed".


Yorkshire terriers are described as Toy dogs, weighing between four and seven pounds. They stand six to seven inches tall, have v-shaped ears and medium-sized eyes. Their long tails are often docked, although this...

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