Welsh Terrier

As the name suggests, the Welsh Terrier has originally been associated with Wales – although there is evidence to prove that he has historically lived in various parts of England as well, usually in the capacity of a hunter of foxes, badgers and the like. The Welsh Terrier – part of the larger Terrier breed – is famous for its energetic, social and companionable personality that makes him a great family pet. His temperaments may vary and they have been known to exhibit destructive tendencies in the wake of lack of consistent socialisation, but proper methodical training makes the Welsh Terrier a favourite with children and parents alike.

Physique and Personality

The Welsh Terrier normally has a life span of around 10-14 years and generally weighs up to 20 pounds or so. This is an average-sized breed with a height of 15-16 inches; the females are usually slightly shorter and weigh lesser than the male counterparts. The Welsh Terrier has two coats that makes him impermeable to rain to a large extent. The outer coat is tough and thin and the undercoat is soft and short. The Welsh Terrier is known for a single colour pattern, i.e. tan and black.

The Welsh Terrier is one of those breeds that can be somewhat difficult to train because they exhibit a fervent need for independence, coupled with frantic energy and constant sense...

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