A gundog of German origin, the Weimaraner is a lively and responsive canine with an athletic physique and intelligent mind. Their sturdy conformation and characteristic courage saw early Weimaraners working in conjunction with big game hunters, sourcing bears, wolves, boars and deer, while contemporary Weimaraners are often seen displaying their agility and versatility in competitions or outperforming their owners on long walks.


Bred as hunting dogs for the Court of Weimar, the Weimaraner breed dates back to the reign of Karl August, Grand Duke of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach, in 1815. They are widely believed to have descended from bloodhounds, with selected dogs chosen to create an attractive hunting breed to accompany the nobility on their sporting excursions. Unlike other hunting dogs of the time, Weimaraners were bred with the intention of residing with the owner, rather than in the kennel, leading to the affable, family-orientated personality for which the breed is known today.

Breed standard

Weimaraners' bloodhound heritage provides them with muscular bodies of effortless gait and a medium size (wither...

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