Tibet Spaniel

Like many other Tibetan breeds, the Tibetan Spaniel is a cheerful, loyal companion that is an absolute joy to own. Big on character despite its relatively short stature, these intelligent animals make excellent pets and adapt well to urban life. Although their strong will and independent nature can make training a challenge (Tibetan Spaniels will tend to work willingly with someone they trust and want to please, but will studiously ignore anyone else) if they want to work with you then amazing results can be achieved. Many people find that once they’ve owned a Tibetan Spaniel they are reluctant to consider any other breed as a companion.


Tibetan Spaniels aren’t actually true Spaniels; they are classified as part of the Companion and Toy Dogs Group for show purposes. Some commentators suggest that early Europeans who visited Tibet and came across these delightful animals nicknamed them Spaniels due to their resemblance to smaller, non-working Spaniel breeds. Typically around 10” in height at the shoulder, this breed has slightly bowed front legs, a short, blunt muzzle and a feathery tail which curves over the back. The double coat is of medium length and extremely thick. This breed comes in virtually all colours and may have a patterned coat or be a single hue. Aside from a congenital tendency towards...

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