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If you are looking for a lapdog, then the Schnauzer is definitely not it. This breed thrives on constant and varied activity and its natural boisterousness can be quite exhausting if left untamed. Also, along with the aristocratic appearance provided by that uniquely bearded and moustached muzzle goes a superior intelligence and attitude that refuses to be subservient to anyone who has not proven themselves the worthy victor of a challenge. Those who are considering ownership of this breed will quickly need to establish their alpha male status, but if this is done successfully, then the reward will be a totally loyal and devoted companion and a fierce protector.


Schnauzers are notoriously territorial and their natural instinct is to be suspicious of any newcomers. They possess a deep bark that belies their size, which for a male is generally between 18 and 20 inches and a female between 17 and 19 inches high at the shoulder. With firm and consistent training, however, they will accept the alpha dog’s welcome of visitors and then happily demand from them all of the attention that they feel their bloodline deserves.

A Schnauzer does not enjoy sharing their space or their family’s attention with other pets unless these have been introduced to them at a very early age. They do, however, seem to tolerate cats, perhaps because they are...

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