With its pale, fluffy coat and a curly tail flopped over the back, the Samoyed is instantly recognisable. They are also known for a magnificent ruff of fur around the neck. Perhaps the most distinctive feature of the breed, however, is the wide grin that makes these dogs appear constantly happy. Pink tongues and black lips against the Samoyed’s pale fur help to exaggerate the ecstatic expression which has given the Samoyed its nickname of Smiler. These happy, friendly dogs have a temperament to match their smiley faces.

Although Samoyeds are often thought of as pure white, they can also be a light shade of biscuit, or a mixture of the two colours. They usually have brown or black eyes in an almond shape.

Dog from the North Country

Samoyeds are part of the spitz family of dogs, originating in cold, northern regions and recognisable by their pricked ears, thick coats, and pointed muzzles. Like other members of the family, they were originally bred for pulling sleds.The explorer Nansen used Samoyeds on his polar expeditions, and his fellow Norwegian, Amundsen, also had a Samoyed lead dog.

Transport was not the Samoyed’s only duty, however. They were also used as herding and guard dogs. It is thought that...

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