Saint Miguel Cattle Dog

The Saint Michael Cattle dog is a mid-sized working dog, generally considered to be family friendly, intelligent and affectionate animals. The breed is originally from Portugal where the breed has been in existence since the early 1800s, the breed standard was published in the dog's area of origin in 1984 and was recognised internationally when it was accepted by the Fédération Cynalogique International (FCI) in 1995. Although described as a cattle dog, the breed is actually part of the Mollosoid family.

As it was originally used as a cattle herding dog, the breed displays natural herding instincts, and can be used for such. It is primarily bought as a companion dog, but due to their history they excel as guard or watch dogs. The breed also displays an aptitude for agility and tracking.

Character and temperament

As the breed is a mid-sized working dog, it will need regular exercise and stimulation. They exhibit a very loving nature, desire lots of physical contact and enjoy being near their owners. Their high level of intelligence and docile nature means that with proper training and socialisation they can become a very loving and obedient family pet.
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