Polish Hound

Ogar Polski, aka the Polish Hound, is a rare, powerful, nearly stubborn, yet a calm and affectionate companion – both at home and outdoors. Gifted with a sharp sense of smell and notably deep, yet a sing-song and clear voice, this breed is primarily a persistent hunter, capable of effortless tracking in treacherous terrain and weather.


The origin of this indigenous breed from Poland, the proud possession and hunting companions of local nobility and elite between 13th and 18th centuries, is however quite ambiguous. While some believe it to be a descendant of the Hound of Tatars, others note an unmistakable influence of the St. Hubert Hound, most likely cross-bred with German hounds. Threatened to extinction in the 19th century, the breed was revived post WWII to develop two different lines, and the one bred by Col. Piotr Kartawik was officially recognised as Ogar Polski in 1966. The breed is still rare in present times, hardly found outside its native terrain.


Though a strong and sturdy hunting hound,...

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