Podenco Andaluz

The Podenco Andaluz is a breed recognized by the RSCE and VDH, which is assigned to the FCI Group 5. It comes from the region of Andalusia and is like a Podengo or Podenco breed a sightdog.


The Podenco Andaluz has a sighthoundlike shape, but is stronger than the Podenco Ibicenco and the Podenco Canario. He has big standing ears, short coat, which can also be rough or smooth. The colors are cinnamon colors with white badges or white with cinnamon colored badges. It is available in three sizes, up to 42 cm at 8 kg, up to 53 cm at 16 kg, and up to 64 cm and 33 kg weight.

Breed Uses

The Podenco Andaluz is a hunting dog for small animals such as mainly wild rabbits. He has to bring the prey alive to the hunter, and therefore has a "soft mouth", meaning he doesn't kills and destroy the prey.
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