Old English Sheepdog

One of the most well-loved breeds, the Old English Sheepdog has a place in the heart of every dog lover. The OES is believed to have been a pastoral dog in years gone by, known for its herding ability which it retains to this day. However, this large breed is now best known as a show dog or family pet and its lovable nature and unique appearance have made it a justly popular choice.

Physical appearance

The OES stands at over 61cms (24 inches) for a dog and 56cms (22 inches) for a bitch. It has a sturdy frame, with a solid muscular bearing and confident rolling gait. The back slopes towards the withers. The head is quite large, with a well-defined square muzzle that measures less than half the length of the head. The eyes should be dark with pigmented rims, although blue-eyed examples can be found, and the small ears should lay flat along the head. The mouth should be strong and teeth regularly spaced.

The OES used to have its tail docked, but because this practice is now banned in several European countries, the tail should now be well covered in fur and not curl...

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