Norfolk Terrier

Norfolk Terriers are small dogs with big personalities. In general, they grow to be 23-25cm tall measured to the shoulder, weighing around 5-5.5kg. Their lifespan is anywhere between 12 to 15 years in a healthy animal.

As a typical terrier, Norfolks are tough and tenacious. They will chase and kill rats, squirrels, ducklings, chicks, rabbits, mice, and even foxes if given a chance. As a show breed, they are permitted to have "honour scars" in the ring as a testament to their scrappy nature and field worthiness. Unlike Norwich Terriers - a very similar breed- Norfolk Terriers have ears which fold over, which is a handy way of distinguishing between the two. Furthermore, Norfolk Terriers are strong: they don't tend to want or need pampering, although they can make good childhood companions if they are raised with kids. Norfolks aren't known for being yappy, but will bark if they are under-exercised or...

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