Manchester Terrier

The Manchester Terrier is classed as the oldest terrier breed to be identified in history. The breed, as it is recognised today, gained popularity in early 1800s England, when rat killing became a sport in the face of poor sanitary conditions. A whippet was cross-bred with a terrier, producing the breed that we know today.

The "Manchester" part of the breed's name originates from the fact that the city of Manchester was the breeding centre for these dogs, from around the middle of the 1800s onwards.

Appearance and Physique

The Manchester Terrier comes under two distinct varieties, the Standard and the Toy. The breed has a muscular stature and a very smooth-skinned body. The skull is narrow, with a pointed muzzle and a dip in the forehead. Naturally, the dog's ears point upwardly, the tips dropping over into a V shape, and their eyes a very intense brown, verging on black.

The Manchester Terrier sports a black and tan coat, with the tan markings typically appearing very similarly from one dog to another....

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