Brave, athletic and majestic, the Komondor is a strong, unusual looking dog breed. Thanks to its unique, long corded coat, the Komondor is one of the most unusual looking dog breeds and it can’t be mistaken for any other breed. This dog breed is large and strong, with a dominant personality, making this breed unsuitable for first time dog owners.


The Komondor, which is also known as the Hungarian Komondor or the Hungarian Sheepdog, originated in Hungary. They were bred to guard cattle and other livestock from bears, wolves and other predators. They were bred to be independent protectors of their flock, without much direction from their master.


The Komondor is a large dog breed, which is very strong. The average male Komondor measures 80 centimetres in height and weighs 60 to 70 kilograms. The average female Komondor measures 70 centimetres in height and weighs 40 to 50 kilograms. Despite its large size, the Komondor is a very athletic dog, which is able to leap through the air with grace. The Komondor is...

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