Small Münsterländer

A relative newcomer to places other than Germany, the Kleiner Münsterländer, or Small Münsterländer, has been bred in its homeland since the 14th Century. Primarily used as a retriever in falconry, the Kleiner Münsterländer's use was slowly branched out into other areas of small animal hunting. The breed exploded in popularity throughout Germany after 1919, when the class system was abolished and hunting became a popular pastime, where it had previously been seen as a strictly noble activity. This also led to the breed being fine-tuned, to maximise their attributed for hunting on both land and water. The Small Münsterländer is one not related to the Großer Münsterländer, in anything other than name. Throughout the years, the breed has been developed to be an all-round hunting dog, but these little dogs are still relatively rare outside of Germany.


Kleiner Münsterländer are extremely intelligent and patient dogs, and they are easily trainable. However, due to their high intelligence, these dogs require consistence and kind and gentle, yet firm handling to get the best out of them. These little dogs have a strong prey drive, which is desirable in a hunting dog, but makes them somewhat unsuitable around smaller animals. They are social little dogs and due to this and their intelligence, leaving them alone can incite boredom and lead to problems. Kleiner Münsterländer need to be regularly socialised with people, which makes them unsuitable for living in kennels, but they thrive when integrated into a family home, as...

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