Irish Wolfhound

Surprisingly, wolves have long been part of the folklore and legend of Ireland, and were common in the countryside until 1786, when the last one was believed to have been killed. The Irish Wolfhound, named for its purpose, (hunting down wolves) rather than its appearance, soon fell out of favour with the disappearance of the wolf, and came perilously close to extinction.

During the nineteenth century, a man by the name of Captain George Augustus Graham set about reinstating the breed, by searching out the last few remaining specimens and breeding them with other hounds such as the Borzoi, Deer Hound, and with the Great Dane. His goal was to bring back the original type and size of the Irish Wolfhound. In 1885 he founded the Irish Wolfhound Club, which continues today, and holds annual shows and other activities specifically geared toward the breed.

Coat Colour and Appearance

The Irish Wolfhound's coat comes in a wide range of colours, from the palest cream to black. Also seen are different shades of red, and wheaten. The coat can be with or without...

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