Griffon bruxellois

The Griffon Bruxellois is a small, sturdy dog breed of toy dog with a large, round head and a very short muzzle. Its wide, black eyes are surrounded with long, black eyelashes. Its high-set ears are either cropped or left natural while the tail is set high and docked to about one and a half inches in length. This dog weighs about six to nine pounds and stands at a height of about seven to eight inches. The coat is available in two coats: smooth and rough. The smooth coat is short, straight, and glossy while the rough coat is dense and wiry. Coat colours include red, beige, black and tan, and solid black.


This dog is a descendant of an old type of dog known as Smousje, a small, rough-coated terrier-like dog that is similar to the Dutch Smoushond. Other breeds such as the English toy spaniel, Irish terrier, and the Yorkshire terrier have also been attributed to this breed. The first Griffon Bruxellois was exported to the United States in 1945.


The Griffon Bruxellois is intelligent, cheerful, charming, and lively. In addition, it is loyal to its owner and affectionate with members of the family. It displays a visible air of self importance and is constantly alert and interested in its surrounding. As long as it is not teased or intimidated, it blends well with children....

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