A Greyhound is a big dog with straight hair. Mostly it has a hight between 67 and 76 cm and a weight of 22 to 25 kg. You see at first sight, that a Greyhound is able to run very, very fast and to reach high-speed. Its harmony is shown by particular clearly shaped lines. It is slim, thin and powerful. The Greyhound's moves are sleek. If it is in action, the Greyhound is persevering and can react immediately. Indeed, this breed combines in an ideal way beauty and lordship in connection with great outstanding achievement. It owns a long, slightly wide head which is flat at the forehead with a strong fang. They eyes are quite narrow together. They are dark brown or middle brown, with lighter dogs lighter aswell, nevertheless never a piercing look.

The greyhound must have small, dry, high and rather to the back showing rose ears and powerful, strong and correct teeth. The trunk shows a well developed chest and good ribbed vault. The back ist relatively long, wide and full of strong muscles. The underline should be very curvy. The Greyhound stands on long, strong legs that are at the right angle. The tail is long, thin and deep. In the beginning thicker, it becomes younger to the end, slightly hanging down, in action up, but never higher than the back. The Greyhound's hair is fine, thick and well cut in every colour and colour combination. Its nature is balanced, but alert and able to defend itself and its owner.
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