Great Dane

Being one of the world’s tallest canine breeds, the Great Dane is an imposing picture of stately authority and power, yet its nature completely contradicts its physical appearance. For gentleness and affection, this dog’s temperament takes a lot of beating.

Physical Characteristics

Male Great Danes are generally around 30 to 34 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh in at an impressive 120 to 200 pounds. A female can weigh an approximate 100 to 130 pounds and is shorter in stature by at least 2 inches. Its short, smooth coat can be one of a variety of colours from the most common, harlequin, which is white with black patches, through to fawn, black, brindle or a bluish grey, and is prone to a medium amount of shedding. A long, rectangular, massive head sits atop a regally arched neck and boasts a deep muzzle with a pronounced stop. The long legs move in easy and measured strides, while the upper body remains perfectly poised. This, together...

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