Gordon Setter

Setters are sporting gundogs that were originally bred to hunt game birds such as pheasant, grouse and quail. The Gordon Setter is one of four variations of setter and is an intelligent, hardworking and alert dog that requires plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. In return, this attractive dog will provide loyalty, obedience and affection and makes a good family pet. They have great stamina and energy, which can make them a handful while young, but mature into gentle and calm adults.

Pedigree and breeding

Originally called ‘Black and Tan Setters,’ these dogs were brought to Britain from Europe in the early 17th century. Those raised by the 4th Duke of Gordon at his Scottish estate in the early nineteenth-century were considered particularly fine examples and the Black and Tan was officially named the Gordon Setter by the Kennel Club in 1924. They were introduced to the USA in the mid-nineteenth century and the breed was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1892. Gordon Setters were placed on the Vulnerable Native Breeds list by the Kennel Club in 2006, indicating that less than 300 Gordon Setter puppies had been registered that year, but were removed from...

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