Giant Schnauzer

Well-known for their loyalty, even temperament and intelligence, a Giant Schnauzer makes a superb pet and is suitable for a family home, provided they are adequately exercised. A member of the Working Group, the Giant Schnauzer is the largest of the three Schnauzer breeds, with the Standard and Miniature Schnauzer being the smaller two. An ancient German breed which dates from at least the 1400s, Schnauzers were bred to be adaptable working dogs for agricultural tasks including herding and as a watch dog. As urbanisation grew, Schnauzers were put to work on an increasingly diverse range of tasks, particularly guarding shops, factories and other premises. Their resilience to adverse weather and their natural ability combined to make them a valuable and capable working dog.


Despite their name, Giant Schnauzers are not particularly large in comparison with other breeds; the average height of a Schnauzer is only around 26” at the shoulder. It is a solidly built dog which tends to look as long as it is tall. The coat is thick, coarse and wire-like; breed to withstand all weathers and allegedly to be resistant to rat bites, modern Schnauzers often benefit from living in a kennel, as in full coat they can get far too hot indoors. Traditionally the ears and tail were cropped and this is still undertaken where legal. A purebred Schnauzer will either be black or black flecked with white (salt-and-pepper).


As might be expected with a thick coat,...

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