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German Rough-haired Pointing Dog

The German rough-haired pointing dog is a medium size gun dog, distinctive in its appearance with its bristly coat, bushy eyebrows, and moderate beard. Sometimes referred to as a German wire-haired pointer, or a Deutsch Stichelhaar, they are an intelligent breed, even-tempered and highly energetic. Life expectancy for this breed is between 12 to 14 years, and when bred they can produce up to ten puppies.

Origin of Breed

Although there are a couple of theories about the exact origin of the breed, they were a creation for the time. Appearing in Germany in the late nineteenth century, their all round skills for hunting were ideal. The end of the feudal system in Germany had meant more land was available for the people, and this was soon followed by the rise of a hunting loving middle class. The conditions were ripe for a versatile hunting dog that people could rely on. The German rough-haired pointing dog fit the bill perfectly, as it was more then a pointer, being able to also track and retrieve game from water, forest and land.
The breed gained official recognition in its country of origin...

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