German Pinscher

The German Pinscher is an agile, healthy, highly energetic, strong-headed, aggressive, and loyal breed that demands a high hand and leadership qualities from its owners or trainers. This standard Pinscher is not for meek people. It needs to be trained, reminded of its place in the household and to obey instructions, else may get too bossy to handle.


A native German breed, the German Pinscher pedigree can be traced back to the Tanner (14th century) and the earlier German Bibarhund from the 7th century. Subsequent cross-breeding efforts with black and tan Terries resulted in RattenFangers (rat hunters), aka Pinschers. Threatened to extinction after the World War II and cross-bred with their own descendants, large male Miniature Pinschers, this breed has managed to survive the test of time. It’s worth noting that the German Pinschers, which are similar, yet distinctly different from Schnauzers, were also instrumental in developing the Doberman. Primarily vermin hunters and guard dogs, German Pinschers still retain their...

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