French Bulldog

The French Bulldog was developed in Nottingham in the 19th century when a group of lace makers created a smaller lap version of the English Bulldog. This was originally referred to as a toy bulldog. The breed was taken to France during the Industrial Revolution in the 1860s, where it was extremely popular and renamed the French Bulldog.

Body Types

This compact, sturdy and stocky small dog has a large square head with a rounded forehead. The broad and deep muzzle has a well defined stop, while this black nose is sometimes lighter in dogs that are of a lighter colour. The upper lips hang over the lower lips, while the lower jaw is deep and square. The dark eyes are set wide apart and are round and prominent. The breed has bat-like ears that stand erect and narrow as they reach the tips, while the tail is either straight or shaped like a corkscrew. The chest is deep and broad, while the front of the breed is slightly wider than the back. The fur is rather fine and is short and smooth, covering rather loose skin that forms...

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