Wire Foxterrier

A defining characteristic of the wire fox terrier is its high levels of intelligence; an aspect shared throughout the entire terrier community. Its distinctive appearance of containing a slight "beard" has made it an attractive and visually distinct choice for owners. Weighing between seven and nine kilogrammes, these are relatively small dogs and their personality reflects a rather playful and even mischievous nature. Wire fox terriers are known for their attentive nature, their playfulness and their excellent rapport with children


As mentioned previously, these terriers can burst with energy; especially at an early age. However, this animal can also be quite a handful due to the nearly constant amount of attention that it requires. It is important to note that as this type of terrier was bred for sport and hunting, it can be a very independent thinker. In simpler terms, it may not always do what it is told. This is one of the primary reasons why training should be provided at an early age. Unfortunately, many terriers are abandoned due to this very willful nature. They also can be given away arising from the fact that they have a hunting instinct. Instances of chasing other animals such as cats and...

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