Entlebuch Cattle Dog

Relatively unknown outside its native Switzerland, the Entlebucher Cattle Dog makes a fantastic pet which can be easily trained to perform a variety of commands and instructions. This is the smallest of the traditional Swiss Sennenhunds, which include breeds such as the Bernese Mountain Dog and the Great Swiss Mountain Dog. As the name suggests, these were originally bred as working animals, used to herd. They also make excellent guard dogs as well as loyal companions if handled correctly. They are classified as Working Dogs by The Kennel Club.


Entlebuchers are medium sized dogs, normally around 20” at the withers. They have a long, powerful jaw and a solid, powerful presence. Their coat is normally tri-coloured with the best examples of the breed having symmetrical markings. The fur is easy to maintain, with a good brush and occasional bath being all that’s required to keep this animal looking fantastic. Traditionally their tails were docked, but this practice is illegal in many countries so contemporary Entlebuchers sport a long, furry tail.


Entlebucher Cattle Dogs display the typical characteristics of a good working dog; they are intelligent, obedient and loyal but can be wary of strangers and have...

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