East European Shepherd

The East European Shepherd is a breed of dogs also called Vostochnoevropejskaya Ovcharka or Owczarek Wschodnioeuropejski, which originated by crossing German Shepherd dogs with Russian Laikas in the ‘30s to obtain hardy dogs resilient to extreme weather conditions. Initially bred for military use, the practice carried on as owners realised how intelligent the breed is. Most Eastern European Shepherds bear the blood of both ancestors, and some lines originate from German Shepherd dogs taken during the Russian invasion in World War II.
The first standard for the East European Shepherd was approved in 1964 in Russia’s then Cynological Council.

Personality traits

East-European Shepherd dogs are very agile, sympathetic and loyal towards their owners. They have a well-balanced personality, they are confident, highly intelligent, with a playful disposition. But they are also tough dogs, weary of strangers and very protective of their masters. They make wonderful guard dogs and they can be equally friendly or aggressive on command.
Though mild-mannered and social, these dogs may not be an ideal family pet because they recognize only one master and can at times misinterpret other people’s playfulness with threats against their master. They will protect their master at all costs, and they will not hesitate to attack any living...

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