German Spaniel

The German Spaniel was first bred in Germany at the end of the 1800s, in order to be used for hunting purposes; therefore, in terms of grouping, the breed is usually referred to as a "gundog". Though it is less commonly seen outside of Germany, in 1996, the German Spaniel was recognised officially by the United Kennel Club. The breed is a descendant of an older German type of dog, a Stoeberer, and its German name is Deutscher Wachtelhund.

Appearance and Physique

The German Spaniel is classed as a medium sized dog breed, with a strong, muscular body type. This makes the dog ideal for fetching game, including foxes or hares, which have been shot by the handler or hunter. The dog's body is coated in long and thick hair, with ears typically reaching a length equal to the level of the dog's nose. Their coat is either brown or brown road; the former may have white patching on the chest, while the latter can sport red or brown markings anywhere on the body.

The dog's head is in-proportion to its body, with medium, oval-shaped eyes that are either hazel or brown in colour. The teeth meet in a strong scissor-bite.

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