Croatian Shepherd

The Croatian Sheepdog is a natural herding and gathering breed used to manage cattle, pigs and even horses in the plains of Slavonia and Croatia. With farms and ranches fast dwindling in this region and livestock moving indoors, this breed now doubles up as a pet and watchdog in urban localities.


The name of this breed pretty much sums up its origin and purpose. The Sheepdog was introduced into Croatia by early shepherds, who migrated here early in the 14th century. The characteristic look, temperament and function of the Croatian Sheepdog has hardly undergone any changes with time, thanks to the systematic breeding program carried out in the Djakovo region by Dr. Stjepan Romic in 1936.


Intelligent, active, and acclimatised to the close presence of humans and livestock, this enthusiastic and loyal herding companion is quite responsive to trainers and owners. Like other herding and gathering breeds, lack of activity, personal attention and loneliness can trigger...

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