Cimarron Uruguayo

The only recognised native breed of Uruguay, Cimarron Uruguayo doubles up as a friendly pet and a watch dog. This mascot of the Uruguan army has managed to survive the test of time, evolving from the original wild species to a popular domesticated, multipurpose breed in present times.


Origins of this breed can be traced back to the Portuguese, Italian and Spanish colonisation of Uruguay during the 16th and 17th centuries, when the conquerors imported cattle and horses from Europe into a region that lacked other commercial interests. Naturally, dogs were also imported to herd and drive the livestock. Cimarron Uruguayo is believed to be a cross of Molossians originating from Spain and Italy, given their striking resemblance. Once conquerors were evicted from Uruguay, domesticated animals were set free and they turned feral. Hence, the Spanish name “Cimarron,” which translates as “wild” in English. Only the best of these feral dogs survived – not only in...

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