Chihuahuas are the smallest breed of dog and often weigh no more than 2 or 3lbs; they have a breed classification of toy dog or companion dog. They are ideal for apartment living and make perfect house-dogs, although they are very sociable and do not like to be left home alone for long periods. Despite their tiny size, they have very large personalities and are intelligent, affectionate and fearless. These positive personality traits can also lead them to become highly-strung, nippy and yappy if they not given firm but gentle training from a young age. They are an extremely affectionate dog and will display complete devotion to their owners and close family members but usually dislike strangers. They are ideal for elderly owners and can make good family pets but due to their tiny size can be injured by small children.

Pedigree and breeding

Chihuahuas are named after the Mexican city of the same name and they are native to Mexico. Their history is disputed, with some saying they date back to the Aztec period, others saying they came to the Americas from China via the Bering Straits and some suggesting that they were brought to Mexico by the Spanish Conquistadors. Another theory is that they are descended from the Fennec Fox, an African mammal that very much resembles the Chihuahua. They first became known to North American tourists in the mid-19th century and were registered by the American Kennel Club in 1904. Today, they are one of the most popular pedigree dog breeds, with over 20,000 registered by...

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