Cesky Terrier

A Cesky Terrier can also be known as a Bohemian Terrier or a Czech Terrier; hence the "Cesky" derivative. It is of a diminutive size and like other breeds within the terrier family, this variety is feisty, loyal and quite intelligent. Originally bred for hunting, the Cesky Terrier is also suited for domestic environments although it will need plenty of exercise. Since 1963, this breed has been recognised in international competitions. What are some of the defining characteristics of this animal?


The roots of the Cesky Terrier can be traced as far back as 1948. A self-taught breeder by the name of František Horák crossed a Scottish Terrier and a Sealyham Terrier. He was attempting to develop a dog specifically designed for hunting game and waterfowl in the forests of Bohemia. It was not until fall of communism that the popularity of the Cesky Terrier took on a worldwide appeal. This terrier first entered competition within the United Kingdom in 1989. However, it is also worthwhile noting that this variety is known as one of the six rarest dog breeds in the world.

Physical Attributes

The Cesky Terrier is diminutive in size; males are typically no higher than 11.5 inches...

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