Cão de Água Português

The Cão de Água Português or Portuguese Water Dog is an intelligent and fun-loving companion. Bo Obama, the First Dog of the USA, is a famous representative of the breed. Adventurous, loyal and affectionate, the Portie makes a wonderful family pet.

Character and Temperament

The Cão de Água Português is lively, loyal, intelligent and friendly. They are fun-loving dogs that often get people laughing. Their calm, affectionate side makes them very good with children and cats do not present a problem as long as the dog has time to get to know them. Portuguese Water Dogs are highly intelligent and it is important that they are trained properly. They are quick to learn and enjoy agility trials. The breed is notorious for chewing, but this should not present a problem if they are given exercise and mental stimulation. The Portuguese Water Dog is happiest when it is in or near the water, so it makes an ideal pet for a sporty family who...

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