Brittany Spaniel

The Brittany Spaniel is the national dog of France. It is a type of game dog that drops to the ground when indicating game, allowing a hunter to cast a net over both dog and game. While they are still used extensively for hunting, Brittanys also excel in a wide range of environments, such as domestic pets, in show and in trials.


While Brittanys have a long history in paintings, back to the 17th century, one must look to the 19th century to find written records of the breed. English hunters visited France and brought their pointers and setters over, and bred them with the local dogs. Thus the Brittany Spaniel was established.

Health, Hygiene and Appearance

The Brittany has an athletic, long-limbed and solid build, with an intelligent and alert expression. They are single-coated and shed little hair. Colouring tends towards liver, orange, red, roan and black. They stand on average 50 centimetres tall fully grown.

It has a robust health, and is generally a hardy dog. Its long, floppy ears can retain water, so...

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