The Briard was defined in 1863 by Pierre Megnin and this breed became popular in the same year when it was presented in the Paris dog show. It is believed that the Briard was named after the French province of Prie, despite the fact that the breed does not originate from that region of France. The Briard was accepted into the first shepherd dog club in 1897 and this breed has been owned by a number of famous figures throughout history, including Napoleon, Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson. This breed was originally used to defend property against poachers, while the French army used the Briard for tracking, carrying ammunition and food to the frontlines, detecting mines and running messages. The Briard was recognised by the American Kennel Club in 1928 and is still used as both a herder and a flock guardian. Among their other skills are guarding, military work, search and rescue and police work.

Body Type

The Briard is a large and powerful herding dog and the bodies of males tends to be the same length as height, although females have a slightly longer body. The large head is long and rectangular, while the wide muzzle features a long beard and moustache. The stop is well marked, while the black nose is square and features open nostrils. The large, widely set eyes are either dark brown or black and feature dark pigmentation on the rims, while the eyes are also covered with long hair. The ears are set high, while the powerful legs are supported by large feet that are compact and round. This breed features a double coat with an outer course coat and a fine and tight undercoat. The...

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