The Boxer is a popular breed of dog that traditionally features a docked tail. However, the process of docking the tail is largely outlawed in much of Europe these days, although breeding clubs such as the American Kennel Club penalise a natural tail in this breed.


The Boxer breed was developed in Germany back in the 19th century and its ancestors are two German types mastiff type dogs, namely the Barenbeiszer and the Bullenbeiszer. These breeds were later crossed the Mastiff and Bulldog. Boxers were originally used for bull baiting, dog fighting, cart pulling, to round up livestock, and as cattle dogs. In later years the Boxer was used in the theatre and the circus, while the first Boxer studbook was established in 1904.

Body Type

The Boxer features a compact and powerful body and the head of the breed should be in good proportion with the body. The Boxer features a blunt muzzle with a distinct stop, while the nose is large and black and...

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