Bouvier des Ardennes

The Bouvier des Ardennes is rare breed of herding dog, well used to the cold winters and rugged uplands of the Ardennes Forest. But despite the breed’s hardy outdoor beginnings, these companionable and loyal working dogs fit in well as family pets, or standing guard at the front door or by the garden gate.

The history of the Bouvier des Ardennes

The origins of the Bouvier des Ardennes can be traced back to the southern Belgian countryside. In the Ardennes, it was used to guard and manage flocks of sheep, herds of pigs, and particularly cattle. In an area where breeding and animal husbandry were a source of local pride, these dogs were doubly valued: both for protecting the prize livestock, and as a regional emblem in themselves. Centuries ago, their ancestors were also used when the nobility went hunting the forest’s deer and wild boar – a further proof of the breed’s reliability, versatility and quick learning.

As the number of farms in the area dwindled, the Bouvier des Ardennes...

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