Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier is a gentle, quiet breed with a striking black and white colour combination. It is not technically a true Terrier – and certainly it does not generally display the stubborn, excitable nature of one – but instead prefers a quieter, less active life that suits it well to an older or less active owner.

During the 1800s, was bred down in size from a mixture of bull and terrier pit-fighting dogs, which were subsequently interbred with French Bulldogs. It has the distinction of being the first non-sporting breed to be produced in the USA, and is named after the area where the breed originated.

Health, Appearance and Hygiene

It is a compact, smooth-coated dog with a short muzzle, standing up to 38 centimetres high. Its colouration is predominantly black, but often brindle and seal, and is always marked with white on the chest, blaze and muzzle. The coat is short and requires minimal care.

While it can suffer from common dog aliments (cataracts, slipping patellas and arthritis), the breed is...

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