The Barsoi is an old Russian breed, the name "Psovaja borzaja" means fast, quick. The tsars owned huge breeds with hundred of dogs for big hunting events.


Dog for hunting of rabbits to wolves. Today dog for accompanying.

Nature and behaviour

The Barsoi is a calm, reserved, unpenetrant, not very shy dog. The Barsoi is very faithful and loyal, with regard to persons, sensitive, but never gives up its personality. In its own group easy to get on with, not patiently against other strange dogs, but aggressive on its own, watchful and ready to defend, too.
The Barsoi is a passionate, wild hunter.

Further information

The Barsoi got silky, long hair, curvy or curly, especially on the neck, on the under breast and on the tail. This dog can be coloured in white, gold with a touch of silver, red and black with dark fang, also grey with dark...

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