Border Terrier

This charming breed makes an excellent companion, while it is also used by many farmers to control vermin such as mice and rats. The talented Border Terrier has a number of different skills including tracking, hunting and performing tricks.


The Border Terrier was first bred in the Cheviot Hills, which is situated near the border between Scotland and England. This is believed to be one of the oldest types of terriers in the United Kingdom and it was originally used by farmers to kill foxes. The small size of the Border Terrier made it ideal for digging into fox dens and driving them out to kill the foxes. While compact, the breed is large enough to keep up with horses on a hunt and was also used to hunt animals such as otters, rats, mice and martens. The breed was recognised in 1920 by the British Kennel Club, while recognition from the American Kennel Club followed in 1930.

Body Type

This small and medium-boned dog...

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