Bearded Collie

The Bearded Collie, or "Beardie" , is an active, hardy dog with a shaggy coat, and an exuberant personality. Known for their "Beardie bounce", this breed's existence has been recorded since as early as 1891. Originally known as the "hairy-moued" Collie, it was commonly found herding sheep in the Scottish hills, working primarily as a drover, used to being left to find its way home after his master boarded a ship and sailed off. This quality is still seen today; the Beardie is an independent dog, with a mind of his own, and an uncanny ability to discover new things, such as how to open a gate, or steal food off a kitchen counter. There is rarely a dull moment with a Beardie in the house.

Breed Standard

The Bearded Collie has been recognised since the inception of the Kennel Club, and its Breed Standard remains relatively unchanged. The interpretation of it is something else again, and many show Beardies are coming into the ring with coats obviously trimmed, which is specified as a serious fault in the standard. Other faults include a snipey muzzle, an excessively long silky coat, and a flat or steep croup. The hocks should be set low to enable the quick changes of direction and spring-like jump that are necessary for herding.


The Bearded Collie is a a happy dog with an even disposition. There are always exceptions to the rule; some are rather timid, some as...

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