The Beagle is of English heritage and belongs to the "hound group" of dog breeds. Its appearance is not dissimilar to the foxhound, though there are discernible differences, namely being smaller, with shorter legs but longer ears.

Beagles are known as "scent hounds"; their defining characteristic is their exceptional sense of smell, which makes them extremely competent trackers, such as for tracking deer or foles. However, this trait has served them well as modern working dogs, making them the breed of choice for trackers of illegal substances and items in ports, airports and border crossings.

Appearance and Physique

In terms of general appearance, the Beagle is not unlike the Foxhound, albeit smaller in stature. However, they sport a wider skull and shorter muzzle, also wearing an entirely different expression. The breed generally comes in at around 13 to 16 inches in height and weigh in at around 18 to 35 pounds....

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