The Basenji is an ancient breed of dog, originating from Africa. It is sometimes known as the "Congo Terrier" or "African Bush Dog". Images of dogs very similar to the Basenji have been found on the walls of Ancient Egyptian tombs so it is a dog with a heritage that potentially stretches for five thousand years. Africans trained the dog to help with hunting and to warn them if any dangerous predators were in the vicinity. The dog was first brought to England in 1937, where it was refined and classified into the breed we know today.


Basenjis are attractive dogs which have short hair. The hair is glossy and fine and comes in a wide variety of possible colours, such as pure black, copper and mixtures of black, white and tan. The American Kennel Club requires the breed to have patches of white on the chest, the tip of the tail and on the feet as a standard. They shed very little hair and actually groom themselves in a manner similar to cats, which means they are particularly easy to care for as they need little grooming.
The Basenji is quite a small dog, but is athletic in build with a level back and straight legs. They are of average height; males range from 41 to 43 cm, with bitches a bit smaller. Its head...

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