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The Azawakh is a hunting and guard sighthound with its origins in Northern Africa. Tall, regal and distinctive, they are pack orientated and a proud, loyal member of a family.

The Azawakh is still a rather uncommon breed out of Africa, but is becoming more popular due to its loyal nature and handsome stature.

Appearance, Health and Hygiene

The Azawakh is tall, standing 74 centimetres high, and has a lean and leggy build. Overall it gives the impression of fineness and delicacy. Its skin is tight across the whole body. The coat varies in shade from fawn to light sable.

This breed is exceptionally healthy and strong, with very few health problems. They are noted as quick healers and suffer from few genetic troubles such as hip dysplasia.

There are a few records of epilepsy and of Wobblers disease, but this may be down to a variance in diet with the breed moving to...

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