Australian Shepherd

Despite its name, the Australian Shepherd originates from the USA, where it was a hardworking companion to cowboys and ranchers in the American West. Today it makes a great family pet as it is an intelligent, affectionate and lively dog that is very easy to train. Bred to be a working dog, the Aussie loves to be kept busy and needs lots of long walks and challenging tasks and games and in return will give great loyalty and devotion to its owners.

Pedigree and breeding

The origins of the Australian Shepherd are not completely traceable, but it is believed that they originally came from Spain and were brought to the USA by Basque shepherds who had travelled to Australia to work, taking their dogs with them. When Australia exported many flocks of Merino sheep to the USA, the Basque shepherds and their dogs went too. In the American West they became an invaluable working dog, assisting on ranches with the huge herds of cattle and sheep, and they became very popular at rodeos and in TV and film Westerns. The breed was recognised by the American Kennel Club in 1993.

Body Construction

Australian Shepherds are medium-sized, muscular dogs,...

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