Australian Cattledog

The Australian Cattle Dog is a breed that originated in either New South Wales or Queensland, Australia, and has been bred primarily for herding sheep and cattle. It is a strong, compact and quick dog, as well as being intelligent and loyal. It is a medium-sized dog, which lives from anywhere between 12 to 15 years, and grooming-wise, is a low-maintenance animal.


The breed was developed after English cattle-herding dogs were either not suitable to the harsh Australian environment or else didn’t survive the long journey from Europe. Instead, early pioneers crossbred other varieties that better suited the conditions. The exact breeds used are debatable, however it’s been suggested that Blue Merle Collies, black and tan Kelpies, Bull Terriers and even tamed dingoes were used. The Australian Cattle Dog (ACD), which was developed, was well suited for the heat and long distances required in herding cattle in its environment.


As it has been bred to be a working dog, the ACD displays many characteristics of breeds suited to that...

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