Afghan Hound

Afghan hounds are among the most glamorous of breeds; their thick, silky coat and haughty expression gives them an elegant and aristocratic appearance. While they may be aloof towards strangers, they are extremely loyal and affectionate with those they know and trust.


Afghans are an ancient breed. Their genetic markers show that they are descended from the very earliest domesticated dogs. British army officers brought long-haired sight hounds back from British India and Persia. So-called Persian greyhounds were shown at the first Kennel Club shows. The Afghan hound we know today is descended from long-haired hounds brought to the UK in the early twentieth century from Afghanistan and Persia, where they had been bred for centuries as both hunting and guard dogs.

Appearance and Grooming

Afghan hounds have long, narrow muzzles, pendant ears and almond shaped eyes that give them an appearance of great dignity. They are tall dogs with high hips and...

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