This is one of the oldest breeds of toy dogs and is related to the terrier as well as the Brussels Griffon and it is believed to have originated in Germany. The Affenpinscher is also known as the Monkey Dog because its expression and facial structure resembles that of a monkey. The name Affenpinscher means monkey terrier in German it is is believed that the breed was actually much larger and worked as a farm dog catching rats. The breed was miniaturised in the 18th and 19th centuries to serve as a household pet and is mainly a companion dog these days, although it has still retained its nature as a ruthless hunter and can serve as an excellent watchdog. The American Kennel Club entered the Affenpinscher into its studbook in 1936.

Body Type

This small dog features a wiry and shaggy coat, while the hair on its face is significantly longer than the hair on the rest of its body, which gives the Affenpinscher its distinct look. This is not a delicate dog and has a moderately broad, square body with deep chest. The round head features a pronounced stop, while the lower jaw is undershot, causing the teeth to protrude slightly below the breed’s short nose. The eyes are prominent and black, while the well-boned limbs are straight. Although the coat is commonly black or dark gray, it can also be lighter grey as well as silver, black, tan or red.


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