Ca de Bou

Ca de bou and Mallorquin bulldog are the different names the Majorca Mastiffs - known for their independence, courage and devotion to their master - are known by.


The name Ca de Bou when translated to Catalan – the language spoken in the island of Mallorca – where these dogs originate from, means ‘bull-dog.’ They were used in bullfighting to bait bulls, and according to some sources, to hold the bulls still while they were butchered.

Some researchers attribute the origins of this breed to ancient Egypt; taken to other parts of the world as far west as the British Isles and east as far as the farthest borders of India. Interestingly, during their colourful history, they were used by pirates and highway robbers to loot, and by the people living along the coast and the authorities to guard against these looters.

It was in 1923 that the...

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