Welsh Corgi Pembroke

With its diminutive stature and lively personality, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a very popular breed. Beloved of Queen Elizabeth II, who owns several, the PWC has a unique appearance, similar only to its cousin the Cardigan Welsh Corgi. Although only recognised as separate breeds in the 1930s, many experts believe that the two corgi strains developed separately in Wales many centuries ago and were used for herding cattle. The PWC is therefore classed as a Pastoral breed.

Physical characteristics

The PWC has a long back and short legs, lying low to the ground. It has a strong active body as befits its heritage as a cattle herder, and is also extremely agile, perhaps so it could escape being kicked by the cows as it worked. Its head is similar to a fox, with pointed nose and broad flat skull, and with warm brown eyes and jaunty pricked ears. Its legs should be straight and angled at 90 degrees to its body, with elbows tucking in well to its sides. Its chest is deep, protruding down between the forelegs, and it has sturdy hindquarters to match. Sometimes, the PWS is born with a short tail, but although docking was once common, this practice is now forbidden...

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